Pedigree analysis problem with solution (Example 16)

Pedigree analysis problem with solution (Example 16)

Q) The following pedigree illustrates the inheritance of ringed hair, a condition in which each hair is differentiated into light and dark zones. What mode or modes of inheritance are possible for the ringed-hair trait in this family?

Answer: Autosomal dominant inheritance


  • Every affected individual have affected parents
  • There is no skipping of generation

These two suggests that it is a dominant trait

  • When one parent is affected (heterozygous) and the other parent is unaffected, approximately 1/2 of the offspring will be affected. The given pedigree is consistent with this statement (Autosomal dominant trait)
  • Both males and females are affected (Exclude Y linked)
  • Male do not pass the trait to all their daughters (Exclude X linked dominant)





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