MCQ on aminoacids and proteins set 1

MCQ on aminoacids and proteins set 1

Q) Hydrogen bond in alpha helices are:

A) Not present at phenylalanine residues
B) Roughly parallel to the helix axis
C) Analogous to the steps in a spiral staircase
D) More numerous than Vander-waal interactions

Answer: B

Q) Which of the following amino acid pairs have two chiral centers?

A) Isoleucine and threonine
B) Methionine and cysteine
C) Leucine and isoleucine
D) Proline and arginine

Answer: A

Q) Which one of the following is the major force of attraction that stabilizes the three dimensional structure of globular proteins

A) Vander waal’s interaction
B) Hydrophobic interaction
C) Peptide bond
D) Hydrogen bond

Answer: B

Q) On a Ramachandran plot the entries for hemoglobin would be clustered around

A) The extended chain conformation
B) All four corners
C) The right handed alpha helix
D) The left-handed alpha helix

Answer: C

Q) In peptide bond, resonance energy stabilization contributes to

A) Coplanarity
B) Polarity
C) Trans alignment
D) Repulsion of electron pair

Answer: A

Q) Which of the amino acid specifies greatest number of amino acid

A) Proline
B) Tryptophan
C) Aspartic acid
D) Leucine

Answer: C

Q) The pair of amino acid with highest absorbance at 280nm

A) Gly and Phe
B) Trp and Tyr
C) Phe and His
D) His and Lys

Answer: B

Q) 6-N-methyl lysine is a derivative of lysine, present in__________.

A) Keratin
B) Collagen
C) Myosin
D) Myoglobin

Answer: c

Q) Which of the following protein contain a modified amino acid – desmosine?

A) Keratin
B) Gelatin
C) Elastin
D) Collagen

Answer: C

Q) Blood clotting protein thrombin usually contain which of the following modified amino acid?

A) 4-hydroxy proline
B) 5-hydroxy lysine
C) 6-N-methyl lysine
D) γ-carboxy glutamate

Answer: D

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