Hi everyone, welcome to my blog easylifescience world.

This blog is created with the aim of helping lifescience learner’s and students who were preparing for competative exams like csir net,DBT,GATE etc

The purpose of this blog is to provide unlimited access to lecture notes over various lifescience topics.

This blog now covers many branches of lifescience like genetics, microbiology, biochemistry,molecular biology and cell biology.

In my upcoming lectures I will try to cover various topics related to several branch of lifescience including ecology, evolution, botany, zoology, developmental biology and entire syllabus of csir net exam.

All the information provided in the blog are collected from credible resources.

I have put my best efforts to explain the toughest concepts in the simplest and student friendly language.

You will find answers to many data analysis MCQ with simple explanation as well as step by step worked out problems.

I am sure that my lecture notes and practice questions will help you out in understanding concepts so that you can crack entrance examinations.